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Teen-Age ministry

The vision of the sub-ministry

  • Not losing our own children when trying to win others for Christ!
  • Producing a generation that is submitted to Christ!
  • To work for a generation that will inherit and take over the church!
  • Transfering the fire of God to the next generation!
  • That our children (the next generation) will be even more comitted to the Lord than ourselves!

The goals of this ministry

  1. Ministering to our teenagers to help those that have not yet made a decision to follow Jesus Christ to do so
  2. To help those that have made the decision to follow Jesus Christ to grow in the Word of God
  3. To free our teenagers from the strongholds being built in their minds throgh secular schools and society as a whole
  4. Exposing the works of evil, destroying the devils works and sheilding them from these influences
  5. Doing our part in assisting parents and the church in the moral upbringing of our children
  6. Working so that our teenages enjoy good Christian fellowship with each other
  7. Helping them in study choices and decisive decisions they may make in life
  8. Assisting to make them active in worship and other ministries in the Church
  9. To help them discover God's plan for their lives
  10. Help them to be used by God and make a difference



This is the teen-age ministry of Jerusalem Evangelical Church. Our meetings take place on:

  • Sundays between 10:00 AM and 11:30 PM. The meetings are held in swedish and are primarly directed towards the age group 13-17.
  • Relational group meetings occur once a week or twice a month under the leadership of Relational Group Leaders (RGL:s)

Our focus is to glorify Christ Jesus, our Lord and Saviour, through preaching about Him from the holy Scriptures.


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Ordinary weekly programs at JEC

  1. You can reach our two Pastors by the following telephone number: Pastor Negussu Gule (+46 (0)735115951) & Pastor Wessen Teshome (+46 (0)736162913)

  2. Mondays 10:00-14:00 Brother Musse Hailu gives advice and mentorship service in Church. You can get hold of Musie by calling 0707568264.

  3. Wednesday 10:00-15:00 prayer and fasting

  4. Thursday 18:00-20:00 Bible study at various locations in Stockholm in homes. One bible study group gathers at Jerusasalem Evangelical Church
  5. Every Saturday 18:00-20:00 prayer evenings
  6. Every Sunday 10:00-11:30 Teen-ages' worship service in Swedish
  7. Every Sunday 10:30-11:30 AM Morning/preparatory prayer time.
  8. Every Sunday: 11:30 AM -13:30 PM Worship service and preaching in Amharic

Childrens, teen age and youth ministries in the Church

  • Sunday School service for children from the age of 3 - 12 and
  • Teachings and ministering to teen-agers from the age of 13-18
  • Teaching and ministering to Swedish Speaking youths over the age of 18 (Every other Wednesday evenings via zoom)

Contact the Church leadership to book a meeting room:

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