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2017-01-08 Yohannes Asrat Evangelisation We looked at the following video together
2017-01-15 Leol Fetahanegest The righteous servant of the Lord We saw three main texts in Isaiah
2017-01-22 Ermias Lemma The Fruits of the Spirit Fruits of the Holy Spirit
2017-01-29 Yohannes Asrat Abortion A presentation of the arguments for and against abortion and a documentary film om the same subject
2017-02-05 Tadelech Wanna Spiritual Growth Col. 1: 1-12 (Swedish)
2017-02-12 Leol Fetahanegest Who do you say Jesus is? The teaching content in pdf
2017-02-19 Leol Fetahanegest Christ's humility and glory We looked at the passage Philippians 2:1-11
2017-02-26 Leol Fetahanegest Regeneration (The new birth)

We looked at John 3 and the Lord's discussion on regeneration, and other passages explaining what it means to be born again (John 3:1-12; Ez 36:24-27; Matt 12:33-36; Gal 5:16-26; Col 3:5-10)

2017-03-05 Tadelech Wanna Resisting peer pressure
2017-03-12 Yohannes Asrat Honon your Father and Mother The verses we discussed in three groups and the result of the discussion that the teen-agers themselves arrived at (in Swedish)
2017-03-19 Leol Fetahanegest Psalm 33 An exposition of Psalm 33. The psalm tells of the soveregnty of God as creator and that we should trust in him and not in the things of this world
2017-03-26 Ermias Lemma The great comission (Matt 28:19-20)

This great comission: that Jesus command us to Preach the good news to all nations! This is a time to take a step, leave our comfort zone and streatch out to the people who have never heard the Gospel.

Read Lukas 10 all the chapter.

2017-04-02 Tadelech Wanna Suffereing ...
2017-04-09 Yohannes Asrat Flee sexual immorality "...Flee sexual immorality...", result of the discussion when the teen-agers studied the verses

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